Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dry Hands #2

Still checking out "Dry Hands". For jerks, I used no chalk. For snatches, I use "Dry Hands" + chalk.

5 min 2KB Jerks 12 kg @ 6 rpm = 30 reps (1590 lbs)

I am still learning how to do this so that it doesn't KILL my knee. If I keep the weight in the center of my foot it is much better. Stacking the kettlebells seemed to be the best option this morning.

10 min Snatches 16 kg @ 12 rpm = 120 reps (4200 lbs)

"Dry Hands" + chalk works really well! Much improvement already in making the transition to the "locked" position at the bottom. A little fatigue built up in the forearms and shoulders ... but other than that it went well.

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TexasTom, RKC said...


I like the blog. Can you attach my blog to my info too?
Question - does your hurt more or less with doubles? I hurt my knee with singles when the kettlebell was on the opposite side...