Monday, August 17, 2009

More Z & Kettlebells

My wife returned Saturday from vacation. So, I taught regular class in the morning and then went to pick her up. Did full-body R-Phase training.
Total time: 1.5 Hourse

Sunday, taught regular class. Worked with a student using FMS & Z techniques. Her toe-touch improved from just below the knees to touching her toes in about 45 minutes.!!

No Z on Sunday. Total time 1 hour

Today (Monday)--
Finally, back to working out with kettlebells. Various overhead presses with 53 lb bell, punch ups with 53 and 62 lb bells. 200 swings in 10 minutes with 53 lb bell.

Followed up with full body R-Phase exercises.
Total time: 1.5 hours

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